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Obama Burning American Homeless People Alive in “Holocaust Trucks” aka “Smokies”?

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Source: ~Where are the homeless disappearing to?~


My Journey 1

ANP received a reader email about white vans taking homeless people away in Oklahoma, never to be seen again, with the reader asking if this was happening in any other communities? Sadly, after researching this, the answer is yes and it is an alarming trend indicating that the homeless that are disappearing may just be the beginning of a systematic purge as part of the depopulation agenda.

What better segment of the population to start with than those with no family, no one to report them missing, no one other than other homeless to even notice this disturbing tend?

We’ll start with the email, then provide the information uncovered while researching this issue.

I live in a suburb of Tulsa OK and I have noticed an alarming trend, our homeless are disappearing. I was out early a few days ago when I noticed unusual white vans around town. These vans…

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