RARE BANNED PHOTOS: Obamas Being Programmed By MK Ultra Handler Tim Burton at White House?

Patriot News

Was Obama’s secret Halloween party MK Ultra / Monarch programming? (Video)

In 2009 AD the Obama’s had a Halloween party and the media covered the event or, at least, the public part of it.

From the Obama's secret Halloween ritual.

This is no conspiracy theory but reported fact: once the media lapdogs scurried off the real party ensued behind the White House’s closed doors.

This was an Alice in Wonderland themed party which shoots up huge red flags for many discerning people.

As mere background on Alice in Wonderland programming—which is even sans explaining programming in the first place since you can read a previous article about that here—here are just some of Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler’s statements about it:

Alice In Wonderland Programming as it Pertains to an Alter Going Down in Trance for Internal Programming

Alice In Wonderland Programming: going down the tree, going through the mirror, going underneath…

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