Marvel’s “THUNDERBOLTS” Creator Responds to Why Marvel Uses Nazi SS Symbols on Their “Heroes”

Patriot News


PATRIOT NEWS: This is truly becoming comical, folks. The lengths that comic book industry insiders will go to to hide the blatantly, in-your-face Nazi symbology in Disney/Marvel and Time-Warner/DC’s companies is simply astonishing and hilarious. We asked Kurt Busiek and Steve Wacker of Marvel and DC Comics a simple, straightforward question:

nazissand what we’ve gotten is incredible hate, mind-boggling evasiveness, cognitive dissonance ploys, and being called “Al-Qaeda” and “Nazis” by Marvel, DC and other industry powerhouses…for simply asking a simple, critically important question! To all of you Disney and Time Warner employees, there are ONLY two answers possible folks:

1 – You and/or your employers are promoting Nazism on purpose for some reason

2 – You are promoting Nazism on accident, as one of the greatest and most mind-boggling mathematically statistical impossibilities in the known universe (someone help us crunch the actual statistical numbers on this, because…

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Author: theindependentamericanblog

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