Disturbing Evidence of Satanic Ritual Abuse of CNN’s Anderson Cooper by Mom, Gloria Vanderbilt

Patriot News

PATRIOT NEWS: The following are a compilation of excerpts from various other sites and commentary via our site. All of our commentary is marked “P.N.” :

Affair: Gloria created something of a sensation by having an affair with Frank Sinatra and leaving her internationally famous husband, maestro Leopold Stokowski. She got custody of Stan and Chris

P.N. – Anderson Cooper is one of the foremost paid/brainwashed liars in the CIA, and is one of the top Jesuit CIA “go-to” traitors for their neverending False Flag Gun Grab Psy-Ops. His Sandy Hook Hoax performances will live on in infamy throughout the annals of history as some of the saddest, most disgraceful actions in American television “journalist” history. We asked him if his being molested by his notorious Jesuit/Illuminati mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, might have skewed his objectivity in reporting on the Sandy Hook False…

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Author: theindependentamericanblog

Protecting America Through Knowledge. We support freedom and oppose all violence. Be prepared to help save our country by teaching truth, warning of danger, cleaving unto Jesus the Christ and Heavenly Father, studying the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ, sanctifying (and leaving, if and when necessary) your homes and neighborhoods, storing food and clean water, building HAM and personal communication trees and learn the difference between actual law (that approved by the Constitution for the united States of America) and the Vatican's foreign puppet "government" of the District of Colombia (the pagan goddess of death), known as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION. The Lord is currently destroying the latter (organized crime) group. When he is done, only the righteous will remain upon North and South America. It will be then that we survivors shall help him heal the land.

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